Children of the Light - "I Am"  A Child of the Light


"In the beginning, God said, "Let There Be Light!"

Throughout history and Sacred Texts around the planet, including the Bible, the word "Light" is constantly mentioned, but it seems that only a few really connect to this Sacred Word and the Power behind it. (Light occurs 2,869 times in 12 Bible Translations)

Another phrase is the use of "I Am" before a statement or declaration given to us in Sacred Texts. Another phrase that although most understand, but few give it much thought, is the statement, "I Am That I Am." Yes, this is being in direct alignment with God the Creator, but most do not understand the Power behind this statement when taken to Heart. Children of the Light are now awakening to the significance of this, as within their Heart is the guiding force that will now reawaken what is already within.

The Master Jesus, the Christ, taught the following to his disciples and all who would listen. "I Am" the Light. "I Am" the Way. The Master also taught that we all are brothers & sisters, which includes the Master, as we are all the Children of God, the "Light." The Master also stated in layman's terms, "All the things I do, you can also do, and do them better." Yes, "Greater works shall thou do!" And yes, we are all brothers and sisters.

You will notice that there is special emphasis on the words, "I Am" followed by certain statements or declarations. Why is this? Most will ask this question, which is answered in the following statement by the Master Jesus, "I And The Father Are One" which means being in direct alignment. The two words, "I Am" signify God, the Divine Source of Light. You are constantly connected to God in everything that you do when you put emphasis on these two Sacred Words. When you put emphasis on these two words, this signifies that you are working with "God Energy," this is the Light that consumes and eradicates the illusion of darkness. Darkness can not exit where there is Light. ........."I Am" Light!......... "I And The Father Are One!" ........ This is God Energy!

The following is a most powerful prayer/affirmation/declaration that will once again, give God's Power back to the awakening Children of the Light, including Indigo Children and all the colors of the rainbow.  From your Heart Center, put special emphasis on the two Sacred Words and connect to the Divine Source of Light, God.   Peter L. Martinez



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I Am A Child of the Light

I Am Intelligent        (For the Mental Body)

I Am Beautiful         (For the Emotional Body)

I Am Important       (For the Physical Body)

I Am a Child of the most High Living God! The I Am That I Am.


I Am Light!

I Am Light!

I Am a Dazzling Light of the Divine!


I shine & radiate the Light to all those areas that are in need of Light!   (Here you may include governments, corporations, medical, planet, etc.)

I shine & radiate the Light to all those who are in need of Light!             (Here you may include individuals, friends, and loved ones, etc..)

That they may also awaken to the Christ within!

And know, that I And The Father Are One.


May the Radiant Light of Love, Peace & Harmony enter into the Hearts & Minds of all Mankind.

 It is Done!           (Amen or you may sound your note the Om)


 (Note: In the two lines of the 3rd section, know that the Light goes to areas and individuals in need of Light automatically by Divine Intelligence.  But if you wish, you may be more specific, as indicated, by including loved ones or places. It is important to align oneself with the "I Am Presence," as a Pillar of Light, which will also help you with the above prayer by stating "I And The Father Are One" in direct alignment with God.) Learn more: I Am Presence (click here) 

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