Children Of The Light



1. Who are the Children of the Light? 

Answer:  These certain individuals have incarnated into this three-dimensional world to be of service to humanity during this time of change. They are born and raised like regular human beings with no prior conscious knowledge of the work that they will hopefully awaken to in order to bring this predestined service for humanity.  They are certain enlightened beings who have apparently not yet ascended, although, some may have.

2. What do they look like?

Answer: They may look like you or I, although, certain of these individuals have characteristics that are distinctly recognizable. Most of these individuals have strong piercing eyes that contain wisdom. You may at first not understand this, but when you are in the presence of a Child of the Light, you will sense a frequency of goodness that will draw you to their eyes. You will feel as if they have touched your soul with great benevolence of heart.

3. What do you mean by great benevolence of heart?

Answer: These are special individuals that in previous lifetimes have touched the heart, or have open the Heart Center of the Divine within their own frequency.  This does not mean that they are sacred or holy people, but they can be. Although, they have transcended to higher frequencies, they have not completely ascended.  In other words they are also learning how to be of service in order to help humanity, and at the same time, learning to overcome certain obstacles and frailties within their frequency of being. 

4. I do not quite understand.  These are enlightened beings that still have regular human faults & frailties?


Answer: The word "enlightenment" has many levels of meaning and definition.  They may be more enlightened than regular human beings as they have reached higher levels and frequencies but have not transcended all the regular human tendencies. This can create great confusion. Those that are in the presence of a Child of the Light may hold them in high regard, but in error, that they can do no wrong. In certain areas they may excel, but in some cases, but not all, they may have regular human tendencies. (Especially prior to the awakening period. When fully awakened they may become quite fanatical with self-discipline with their work at hand. "They must be about their Father's Work." This is when they awaken to their predestined Divine Plan of Service to Humanity. They are driven to be of service.)

5.  Do they have special gifts?


Answer:  Most Children of the Light are not conscious that they are, in fact, Children of the Light. They will have certain awakening periods that may startle them, but eventually, they will become conscious that they do, in fact, have special gifts that other individuals do not have. 

6. What are these gifts?


Answer: Depending on their individual Divine plan, and also to the degree that they are conscious, these gifts can vary. What brings unwanted attention to these individuals usually comes with the manifestation of what many individuals perceive as paranormal psychic powers, which is an extension of "Higher Light Physics" that goes beyond the realm of regular accepted science.

7. What do you mean by "Higher Light Physics?'


Answer: With information received on an adventure to Machu Picchu in Peru we became aware of this term. We have now found that many individuals are using this term. Regular accepted science needs "tangible physical proof" in order to accept that something exists within the realm of science. The scientific community has recently had to accept certain principles, that although, physical tangible proof may not be available to the physical senses, with the use of certain sensitive equipment it has become apparent that certain "unseen" realities exist that goes beyond the old dogma of regular accepted science. "Higher Light Physics" goes beyond and above the frequencies of presently accepted physical laws. The Law of Physics is presently limited within scientific boundaries. The true Law of Physics has no limitations and extends into the realm of light and beyond. Thus, the term “Higher Light Physics.” Many of these gifted individuals can access this realm of "higher light physics" that the Messengers of The Light speak about.


8. Who are the Messengers of the Light?


Answer: There are seven guardians of the planet that throughout biblical times have been known as guardian angels. There are also five ascended masters that are teachers and are also known as angels or archangels. Together they total 12 in number as a unit of One within the Trinity of Love, Peace & Harmony. This is the spiritual point of view. From the point of view of the Scientific and the Atheist, these are evolved entities that have transcended the three-dimensional world of matter, who in their benevolence, are of service to humanity. Of course, those of the old scientific and atheist dogma will not be able to accept this, in the same manner that those of old religious dogma, in like manner, will not be able to accept this either. 

9. I do not understand. The Scientific, the Spiritual, and the Atheist do not necessarily see eye to eye when it comes to subjects like these. Can you explain this?


Answer: This is a trinity of three frequencies that when combined creates a special force of evolution. The Messengers of the Light state the following in a Dictation given:

“There are three major “belief systems” in this three-dimensional world which are: the Spiritual; the Scientific; and the Atheist. All three are correct as a trinity of  “ONE” in a balanced state. Humanity, in general, will pick one over the other creating and imbalance; although, they all exist as a unit of one within a balanced trinity.”

The Children of the Light will bring these three belief systems to accept one another through their efforts to bring humanity together. The physical, mental and emotional bodies of humanity will evolve through the diversification of the Children of the Light and the rising frequency of the Planet during this time of change.

10. I have read and heard of many other types of children with different names that also have special gifts, what separates these from the Children of the Light?

Answer: There is an awakening process underway with all these groupings. Until they all awaken to their individual Divine Plan, till then, the overall Divine Plan of the whole will not be fully understood.

For example: Light when passed through a “crystal prism” creates a rainbow of colors that are diversified. In the same manner, all the Children represent the Light that is to be awakened within them. Their individual Divine Plan will be of a “different ray” of color, or purpose. Those who become aware of these anomalous individuals will usually give them a name by the dominant radiance of a particular color-ray (or ray makeup) they see in their aura. Other individuals that become aware or receive Divine information of these special children will often give them a name that may represent the certain gifts that they demonstrate with ease.

In answer to your question, there is no separation as they represent this “inner light” that motivates them. Their individual Divine Plan, as a portion of the whole, diversifies them. They are all the Children of the Light regardless what name is given.

11. You mentioned groupings; will they be working as a group?


Answer: In many cases they will work as a group once they awaken to each others purpose and whatever draws them to each other if that is within their Divine Plan, and still others will be totally independent and driven to be of service in a singular manner. The word grouping often refers to a culture in the past or ancient past that many incarnated multiple times and did reach a certain level of enlightenment within that grouping. They are now awakening to be of service for the greater good of humanity, and yes, many will work with these groupings of the ancient past.

12. This all sounds very interesting and exciting, I could be a Child of the Light and presently not know it. Is there more information on the Children of the Light?


Answer: Presently, the Archive Dictations by the Messengers of the Light that were given from 1998 through the year 2000 contain some information. You can click the button below for those Dictations. When the window opens you can = click on > edit > “Search or Find” or (Find In Top Window)= and enter > Children of the Light. These pages will open up with the “highlighted words” and you can scan particular Dictations given during that time period.


(Archive Dictations 1998 - 2000)

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