“Earth Changes/Predictions/Special Children”

(Children of the Light, Indigo Children, & The Blue Children Are Here To Guide)


1.        California Earthquake Predictions

2.        The Doubting Thomas & Fear

3.        Fear of the End Times

4.        The Guardians of the Planet & the Visitation

5.        The Special Children


I remember in the late '60s and early '70s there was a rumor that California was going to break off and fall into the ocean. It seemed that every psychic and every intuitive was tuning in to this prophecy. Apparently, most of the predictions were based on Edgar Cayce's prophecy for the future of California and the world. Everyone is now aware that the San Andreas Fault runs from the Imperial Valley in Southern California right up to, and just above, San Francisco. Both sides of these faults are shifting in opposite directions. And it is probable that a great disaster is eminent if the earth changes persist according to predictions. Of course, there was a great exodus out of state to areas that are supposed to be safer ground according to Edgar Cayce’s prophecy.


In the early ‘80s my best friend had just turned into a born-again Christian and decided to pack up his family and leave to Washington State, which is supposed to be a safe area immune from these earth changes. He asked, and practically begged me to go with him. Upon leaving he said he would pray for me, and according to him, we were getting close to the “end times predictions” that was now to befall California.


A few weeks after settling down in Washington State, there was a large tremor that shook the ground, the skies grew dark with ash falling down. All power and electricity was out and there was no way to communicate with the rest of the world. He later told me that he got down on his knees and prayed for me, believing at that moment that I had perished in California.


Of course, he and his family had no way of knowing that nearby Mount St. Helens had just erupted and this was the source of the ash that was now falling and darkening the skies. In his mind he believed that he was a survivor with his family along with all those now living in this general area of protection of these earth changes that apparently had just taken place. Once the power and the news came on, they were overjoyed that the rest of the world was still intact.


Looking back at all of this, reminds me of the wisdom that states that we create and manifest our own reality according to probabilities within the planet. If we cannot create them, we then attract and gravitate ourselves to the nearest probability of that which we give thought or energy to, and in this case, I believe it was the eruption of Mount St. Helens, which is the first volcano to erupt in the Northern Hemisphere of the United States in our recorded history. His fear and his “belief system” drew him close to where his thoughts could manifest his reality to some extent, and that was, that the “end times” and the “earth changes” are close at hand according to the predictions.


Aside from making judgment, pro or against, the most important factor in this story is to bring our attention to the word “fear.Just thinking of the end times, earth changes, and all that is presently occurring on this beautiful planet, all that is “dark and negative” is derived from human inhabitants. This can bring about a tremendous amount of fear. The rest of nature and all other inhabitants that are non-human are within the flow and in perfect rhythm within a Divine Plan. They do not express this “dark fear” in the manner that is overwhelming humanity, especially in reference to “end times & earth changes.”


Looking back these few years, it is amazing to see the advancement that humanity is making in the world of technology, and yet, the world of humanity is in a state of turmoil where we cannot get along with one another. According to the inspirations received, all turmoil and destruction, by the hands of humans, is all based on the dark frequency of “fear.” Of course, we try to rationalize our actions within “mental & emotional” belief systems of our given society, but in reality, all negative “actions and reactions” are based on this fear.




All my life I have been a “doubting Thomas” in that everything had to be proven to me, including the basis for predictions. My greatest conflict has been that of being born a “sensitive.” I could “sense & feel” and on some occasions “see” into realities that I was told, or that I personably believed to be, the works of the imagination. It was all in my mind. This caused my persistence that, as a “doubting Thomas,” I must be given proof of everything. I needed to see and understand how things worked. This paradox was pulling me into things that I could not prove, or for that matter, anyone could prove to me, which became a dilemma. Everything was working with or without my approval of its existence. How can that be? This caused me to go within, into the realm of “thought” without contamination of outside emotions, which I presently believe to be the originator of “fear.” Fear most definitely is an emotion of “undeveloped man.”


The year 2007 is the year of acceptance. In order to eliminate fear, we must become acceptant of the world changes, earth changes, and that certain “end times” are here. This most definitely is not the end of the world, but for some it can be, especially those who embrace fear. Acceptance eliminates fear and keeps us within our mental capacity of “thought” free of the frequency of  “emotions” that will generate fear.




The words “end times” generates a great amount of fear to a large segment of humanity. Earth changes, we can accept to a large degree, but the words “end times,” and those that associate it with a vengeful punishing god, tremble at the mention of these words. It is important to realize that ancient texts were written for ancient people, who for the most part were uneducated, could not read or write, and for the most part their intelligence level was quite low. Those who interpreted for the “mass population” that basically worked from sunup to sundown just to survive and have something to eat, yes, the teachers did the best that they could even in using “fear” to control the masses.


 In order to eliminate “fear” we must put aside the notion that god is angry, vengeful and vindictive, which are human traits. The Divine Source of Light is in a constant state of perfection. That which is perfect has no need. It is constantly radiating like our Solar Sun, which is in a constant state of Light. Where there is Light no shadow of darkness can exist. The Divine Source of Light, which is all intelligence, all perfection, is in a constant state of radiating Love. Where there is Love, fear cannot exist.




In 1996 I was awakened to find twelve men dressed in clothes and vestments of ancient times seen in depictions of Assyrian & Sumerians on wall paintings and carvings.  I was surprised, but without fear, as they surrounded my bed early in the morning hours of the night. The one that stood at the foot of my bed had a distinctive red beard and spoke to me. “That if enough Light was not brought into the planet, and if enough people did not awaken, that the earth changes would start in 21 months.” Then to my astonishment they started to fade away. Later I was to learn that these are the Messengers of the Light, the guardians of the planet, who I had been receiving inspiration and insight. This was a dire prediction, and clearly, the visitation was not a dream. I was wide-awake, and was not able to go back to sleep for a few hours, as I contemplated in astonishment on something I could not prove or dis-prove. I asked myself, “Why was I given this prediction?”


Later in October of that year another phenomenon occurred and I was asked if I would be willing to receive messages and dictations for the masses (world population) in response to the cries, prayers, and requests for Light. This was brought about by the impending fear caused by the rising frequency of the planet. In approximately 21 months the Dictations and Earth Changes commenced according to the predictions. El Nino and other climatic changes have manifested since then including earthquakes, flooding, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes, and now, the melting of the polar icecaps. In 1998 I started to post the messages & dictations along with many predictions that have been an awakening experience.


In the year 2000, certain world leaders stated that there was not enough scientific proof that global warming was at hand. As stated before, the year 2007 is the year of acceptance, and all world leaders must come out of denial and accept the world as it presently stands in regards to the earth changes that are upon us. Since the year 2000 a third to almost half of the icecaps have melted causing extremely large icebergs to break away from the glaciers.


Although the Messengers of the Light have given many predictions, including that the “purification period” has started, they do not interfere with the Divine Plan of the All That Is, which is the essence we call God. In almost all cases they give a general forecast, as we are to learn and awaken this gift that we already have within our heart center. They will not do the work for us, but as teachers of the Light, they awaken that which is within. They state that life is a school of our own making and we have the power to alleviate and diminish the intensity of the “earth changes.” They also state that many of the Children of the Light that have awakened have averted certain predictions of many psychics and modern day prophets; including, a few of Edgar Cayce’s predictions, which have been circumvented or delayed. It is important to remember that Edgar Cayce stated that we could change the future events. The Children of the Light are here to do just that.




Upon accepting to receive and post the messages and dictations by the Messengers of the Light, they keep reminding us that we all accepted to be born and to be part of this great adventure prior to incarnation. They also state that there are special Children that have incarnated in order to help and guide humanity. The Children of the Light are like a rainbow resonating with different colors according to certain frequencies of their special gifts. Many are known as the Violet Children, Indigo Children, the Blue Children, Green Children, and many other color variations of names given to these special individuals. Although they may be called children, many are already into adulthood, and a few are already into extremely old age, especially the Children of the Light who span the entire spectrum of humanity, including the physical and non-physical, young and old.


In the past few years, a great amount of attention has been given to a grouping of young children that have incarnated who are known as the Indigo Children. There are many individuals that have researched and received information regarding these special Indigo Children. Many of the children that will now start awakening are known as the Children of the Light and the Children that work with the Violet Light. As mentioned before, they span the entire age spectrum from babies to the elderly, and all those in between. They have a preordained time of awakening for their particular purpose in life, which was chosen prior to incarnation.   Many of these individuals have balanced all their centers of the body (also known as Chakras). Many others have to recapitulate, and re-energize the centers, in order to function in this lower three-dimensional frequency of the physical planet. Many are beset with anomalies, petty illnesses, allergies, sensitivity, especially with the rising frequency of the planet during the present earth changes. 


Those who understand the energy centers of the body, know and understand which frequency all these varieties of children resonate Light from. It is important to understand that although these special children are slightly more enlightened than the rest of undeveloped mankind, they are not perfect. They have not ascended free of the three-dimensional environment, or the wheel of rebirth, and can have the same human tendencies of regular humanity. But the one gift that that all are blessed with, is that they can help heal the planet, awaken and motivate undeveloped mankind from self-destruction, and most importantly, they can spark the Light in each individual to the Divine Source of Light, which is the One Life we call God.


When fully awakened, they have the gift of the Master in being able to proclaim, “I Am the Light, I Am the Way.” These gifted ones can help, and guide us to reawaken that which we lost during the fall of mankind. They can shine the Light to the coming Earth Changes, and the so-called “end times,” eliminating the “fear” that is paralyzing the planet. The earth changes do not have to be so severe as per the predictions. If we can all radiate Love, Peace & Harmony from our individual Heart Centers, free of the “four lower quadrant” of Anger, Hate, Guilt, and Fear, a great healing will occur. Where there is Light, darkness cannot exist.




The Blue Children that resonate with the color blue are focused in the throat center. They have the gift to speak up against injustice. They are the speakers, the motivators of change for the greater good of all. They have power, and radiate light in the words they speak in order to break down outdated, crystallized, hard as a rock belief systems of the past that drain the energy and lifeblood of humanity. They have a great gift but must be careful, that in their power, they do not become like those they helped to remove. They must align themselves to the Divine Source of Light at least three times a day, and dedicate themselves to the Divine Plan within, and not without, in the outer reality of form. If they can maintain the Light in the Heart Center, and stay aligned to the Divine, they cannot fail.




The Indigo Children are centered and focused in the “third eye” section of the body located at the forehead, just above and between the eyebrows. These special children have the gift of “inner vision” with a great intuitiveness that can fascinate. Many are capable of seeing into the “matrix” and give fascinating predictions for the greater good. They can see behind and within that which afflicts an individual, that which afflicts a group, that which afflicts a race, that which afflicts the planet. They can awaken and breakdown personal barriers within the individual persona, or a group, by the Light they radiate. There are many individuals that have researched and studied this special group known as the Indigo Children. Much more can be accessed on the Internet and in bookstores. This special grouping has fascinated millions, as it should, the awakening is at hand, not for “dooms day” or “end times,” but to awaken with the help of these individuals to our Divine Source of Light. This is a time of adventure, a time of re-awakening to the Greater Light. It is a time of joy! They are here to eliminate fear.




Those that are known as the Heart Center Children that resonate with the color frequency of green. They are extremely honest, and to lie and cheat, is not part of their being. They are very gentle loving people, and sometimes almost Christ-like. Although they have faults like you and I, a part of them is always in a state of Love from within the Heart Center. They always see both sides of an issue, problem, or argument and are “peace makers” at heart. They always seem to have a smile on their face, and whenever they feel low, ill, or rundown; everyone around them is affected, as their Source of Light is not there.


They truly are a Source of Light for others; this can be a handicap if they do not awaken to what they are doing. They are not to sustain others, but rather, to teach and awaken those around them as to how to access their own Source of Light, which is in the individual Heart. This can only be accessed by eliminating Anger, Hate, Guilt and Fear from their daily experiences. This is the elimination of the “four lower quadrant” of undeveloped mankind, which must be done before one can access the Heart Center of the Sacred Heart of the Divine. Love, Peace & Harmony will than manifest as a “green ray” to help others find their own Light.




There is another grouping that are radiating with the frequency of Violet, which is part of the Crown Center Chakra at the top of the head. These are very special individuals that resonate with the transmuting frequency of a Violet to Lavender color that is quite soothing. They completely understand the transmutation process, which is changing a frequency of energy to another frequency of energy. In this case, they have the gift to transmute darkness, or dark matter, back to the Light. Einstein states that energy cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed from one frequency to another, which holds true with these individuals.


These enlightened souls have incarnated time, and time again, throughout the ages in order to help humanity in a time of crisis. According to the Messengers of the Light, we are now nearing the end of the grand cycle, which is causing the current Earth changes and the rising frequency of the planet. These grand cycles occur every so many thousands of years. The last occurrence, according to the inspirations received, occurred approximately 12 to 13,000 years ago. This coincides with the information that Edgar Cayce received and documented.


It is important to learn how to eliminate fear, and that this is a normal occurrence the planet earth goes through in its normal cycles of restoration. Undeveloped mankind can escalate the severity by its “dark nature” and also by its relentless abuse of the planet and its inhabitants. The information received also coincides with many of the prophecies in the Bible. Along with this, it also coincides with the Mayan prophecies, and the belief systems of many indigenous people around the planet, including the Hopi American Indians of the Southwest.


It is also important to understand that the Children of the Light, the Indigo Children, the Blue Children, and all the others are not angelic type beings, although some can be, but rather they are evolved souls who have transcended time and space, and have volunteered to incarnate in the world of form. They will have the same feelings and emotions as most other individuals, with the exception of certain traits that separate them from the rest. Once they awaken to their preordain purpose in life, they become relentless in their quest to help humanity in one form or another. Many may incarnate just to be “beacons of lightwith no outside motivation other than to radiate Love, Peace & Harmony from their Heart Center to given targets of need. Many do not awaken to this gift of being a “beacon of lightuntil later in years but they will now use it with great power in order to help the greater good of all, and the planet.


Fear is darkness, and the Children of the Light are here to bring Light and eliminate this “fear” so that we can all enjoy the adventure that we all elected to participate in, yes, prior to incarnation. The planet is a beautiful place, and we can all be active participants in healing the planet, transmuting the “darkness” that undeveloped mankind has created, and raising the “consciousness” so that each individual can access and awaken to their Divine Source of Light.  

                                                                                                                                                                 Peter L. Martinez



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