The Messengers of the Light (FAQ's)


1. Who are the Messengers of the Light?


Answer: Depending on each individual’s “belief system,” in order to give an accurate answer, an open mind will help with its complexity.


First, I would like to preface the answer by a message given by the Messengers of the Light:


“There are three “major belief systems” in this three dimensional world, which are: the Spiritual; the Scientific; and the Atheist. All three are correct as a trinity of one in a balanced state. Humanity, in general, will pick one over the other creating imbalance; although, they all exist as a unit of one within a balanced trinity.”


In answer to the question, it is important to address humanities three “major belief systems:


From the point of view of the Scientist, these are evolved beings that have transcended time, space, and matter beyond the physical, as we know it, subject to physical, tangible laws. This is an acceptable point of view, although it is very new.


From the point of view of the Spiritual, the Messengers of the Light are five Ascended Masters and seven guardians of the planet. From my understanding, the seven guardians are tremendous light forces of higher intelligence, frequency, and energy that may be presently incomprehensible to humanity as a whole. These are alluded to in Ancient Texts and are given the name, angels, archangels and the like. This is also an acceptable point of view.


From the point of view of the Atheist, intelligence in any given reality is a mental frequency, and as man evolves, higher forms of intelligence are awakened and explained by the mental capacity of the participant, which is also an acceptable point of view.


According to the Messengers all are correct as a unit of “One” in acceptance of one another. Divided will create opposition.


2. But how can these three Belief Systems accept one another when, throughout history, they have been opposed to one another?


Answer: When we can see that all three are a “Unit of One” in terms of each “belief system” mankind will then accept the Divine Plan of Awakening.


3. Can you be a little more specific?


Answer: Yes. First we must understand the word “acceptance.” It is very difficult to convince and have someone accept an opinion, or for that matter, a Divine Law unless you have the wisdom to explain it. Acceptance is a very important word.


First, it may be difficult to understand Divine Truth. A Divine Truth is Light that awakens certain irrefutable laws that will dictate acceptance to anyone who has some measure of intelligence. For example:


The Spiritual, the Scientific, and the Atheists are acceptable “belief systems” to different parts of diversified humanity because each holds a certain amount of Truth. Those who are capable of maintaining this particular truth, relative to their “belief system,” by holding on to this truth, will eventually accept Divine Truths within the other two “belief systems” that they may have previously opposed. But when we become fanatical to our accepted, separate, “belief system,” we then tend to add the human elements of Anger, Hate, Guilt and Fear that may change our “belief system” to a religion of our own making. Religions are created by mankind and are not necessarily governed by Divine Laws. Most religions started with a Divine Truth, and those that assumed leadership create “dogmas” or “rules” as to how to use this Divine Truth, which now creates a “barrier or limitation” that does not allow humanity to evolve to the Light of the Divine Christ Principle of Love, Peace & Harmony which the Divine Truth intended.


4. In the Dictations Love, Peace & Harmony are constantly used, along with the Christ Principle. If you are bringing a message to those of the Scientific and those of the Atheist’s “belief systems,” don’t you think that this will alienate by the words used, which sound very Spiritual to me?


Answer:  As I previously mentioned, “acceptance” is a very powerful word, but Divine Law, in all three “major belief systems,” will awaken an even stronger frequency of communication, and that is, the “Power of the Word.” A word can have many connotations in meaning, sometimes dependent on cultures, races, religions, modes of thinking, etc., but most importantly, within a presently accepted “belief system.” The term “Christ” is usually associated to Christianity and Jesus the Christ. The word Christ comes from certain ancient languages, and in Greek, it comes from the word Christos, which means Light. Many individuals, including myself, in my upbringing was under the assumption that Christ was the last name or surname of Jesus. Later, I was awakened to the fact that when an individual ascends to a higher frequency within the Trinity of the Spiritual, the Scientific and the Atheist, they become Christed. They transcend to a higher frequency of Light, into all dimensions, transcending the physical, mental and emotional of this three-dimensional reality. Jesus became the Christ or Christed One.


5. That is a little too hard to grasp. It is very difficult for me to understand the relationship of the Spiritual, the Scientific, and most confusing of all, the Atheist?


Answer:  In the book, “A Step Into The Light,” the Messengers explain this quite beautifully, and in great detail. In answer to your question, it may be best explained in context of accepted basic laws that we learned in school. The Law of Physics defines this in a manner that can give us some Light as to the question.


The Law of the Trinity is a major law that is at the apex of a pyramid. The apex has three parts visible from one point of view. This is similar to the three “major belief systems.” In like manner, the “atom” in physics contains three integral parts that are essential to the whole, which consists of the electron, the proton, and the neutron. This is also a Divine Trinity. I might also add that the word Divine is not relegated to the Spiritual Belief System, and according to the Messengers, it defines something exalted beyond the comprehension of humanity that radiates the “life force” of all belief systems. All three “belief systems” are necessary for the whole to function.


The Spiritual is a scientific force of “Emotional Energy  in relationship to the Atheist and Scientific belief system.


The Scientific is a scientific force of “Physical Energy in relationship to the Spiritual and the Atheist’s belief system.


The Atheist is a scientific force of “Mental Energy” in relationship to the Scientific and the Spiritual belief system.


Our persona body consists of physical, mental, and emotional energy in the same manner that an atom consists of an electron, a proton, and a neutron, all within the Divine Trinity. In acceptance of Divine Laws, all three frequencies must unite in perfect balance in order for the life giving force to enter as a cohesive frequency of the Divine. This is where the present day scientist cannot understand this “cohesive force” that keeps all three parts moving and not flying apart.


Although, at our present state of “evolution and evolvement,” most of humanity can accept the Scientific and the Spiritual, but we must understand that without the “mental frequency” of the Atheist belief system, things would really fall apart. So in essence, we all have portions of the three, favoring one and being in denial of one or both of the other two. Our separate “belief systems” is what creates the world problems that are escalating. The planet is in serious trouble.


I might add, and in this we must keep an open mind, that the Atheists that are good, kindly individuals that are always of service helping, guiding, but maintaining a neutral stance regarding their “belief system,” and in addition, are basically free of Anger, Hate, Guilt and Fear are more evolved, and in essence closer to God, or the Divine, than those who entertain a religion whether they are of the Scientific or the Spiritual. Most religions control their participants with “fear.” Jesus came to liberate us from the elements, especially “fear.” Something has gone wrong.


Keep in mind that Science can create a religion that can manifest Anger, Hate, Guilt and Fear, and in like manner the Atheist can create a religion with a drive to destroy with the same elements.


A pure heart with the frequency of the Sacred Heart of the Divine Christ Principle can only radiate the trinity of Love, Peace & Harmony. A reason most Atheists with a pure heart are higher in the scale of evolution with the All That Is, is defined in this manner. The pure heart that has transcended the physical and the emotional energies of the other two belief systems, utilizes what they have learned in order to balance all frequencies. They no longer argue the point or get involved in “emotional & physical” entanglements. Their pure hearts are “mindset” to the Divine Christ Principle in a “mental alignment” of all three frequencies that are focused with the “Divine Presence” within the heart center, free of religion or other limitations and barriers. The Light awakens from within free of a “belief system,” and free of a religion. If we read the message of Jesus the Christ along with all the other Christed Masters, Love sets everyone free. We must not be separative, and we must awaken to the message that we are all brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet that we are in danger of destroying.

6. You stated earlier that the planet is in serious trouble, and in the Dictations it speaks of the “end of the grand cycle.” Is the world coming to an end? This is quite scary?


Answer: Everything that exists on the planet is composed of the four basic elements or a combination thereof, which are: Fire; Earth, Water, and Wind (wind in the impassive state of “air” according to the messengers.) This is in line with the Law of Physics. The Messengers state that the human frailties that have to be transcended are the counterparts of the physical elements in the following manner: Fire = Anger, Earth = Hate, Water = Guilt, and Wind (in the impassive state of air) = Fear. These are the corresponding elements in humans that create havoc in our lives. All other negative energies evolve from these basic four elements.


Many seers and psychics of one kind or another have stated or alluded to great civilizations that came to an end during cataclysmic changes on the planet. From the beginning, the Messengers have stated that we are coming to the “end of the grand cycle” which occurs in a timely manner. Geologists and Scientists have discovered that approximately every 25,000 to 26,000 years there has been a reversal of the magnetic field of the planet. 


Fear is the main human element that we must learn to transcend. This is outlined in the book, “A Step Into The Light” by the Messengers of the Light. These Dictations will awaken higher truths within our hearts. They always state not to believe the Messenger or the Message because it is written, but to awaken what your individual heart will reveal according to your individual Divine Plan. All must awaken from within the Heart Center. Fear will be changed to a “state of adventure” that will radiate with Love, Peace & Harmony. They state that this is a very exciting time to be alive in this three-dimensional world. The messages will awaken the Children of the Light who have come to be of service. If we can understand what is going on we will have no “fear.” All that has been prognosticated by other gifted individuals does not have to occur. We all have free will and we can make a change.


The planet is going through some changes that timely occur whether we would be here or not. It is a cleansing. In the summer of 2003 the Messengers announced that we have entered the “time of purification.” The planet cleanses itself from the damage and gross of humanity with the frequencies of the four elements. Fire, Earth, Water and Wind will manifest as fires, volcanic activity, and earthquakes on the earth’s crust, landslides, ground movements, inundations, floods, winds, tornados and hurricanes. All are part of the elements responding to the disharmony of the human elements of Anger, Hate, Guilt and Fear.


No, I do not believe the world is coming to an end. But for some, it can be. The Planet is a school of the Divine and a state of awakening is underway. According to the Messengers this is a great, fun, glorious time to be alive, and if we awaken the Heart Center with the Divine Christ Principle of Love, Peace and Harmony a great adventure will unfold. We all chose to incarnate during this period, and are very lucky to have been allowed to participate.


7. Can you explain the idea that the Planet Earth is a school?


Answer: The Planet Earth is not a school in the general sense that we understand the idea of a school. Humankind is constantly creating in every aspect of their lives, regardless if it is in the physical, mental, or emotional capacity. We do not know how to keep quiet within the function of the brain. Even when we sleep our brains are active accept for short periods of time.


We co-create every activity in our lives in participation with other individuals according to a matrix of the Divine Plan. It does not matter whether we are the “victim” or the “perpetrator” to negative actions, we have subconsciously or consciously co-created the frequency for the matter to occur. We have freewill within a perimeter of this matrix designed to co-create experiences essential for our evolution and advancement to the Greater Light. When we seek the answers to all our questions, by the Law of Attraction, we come in contact with the source needed. The Dictations have been presented to this particular call of the masses.


8. When is the book mentioned going to be released to the public? Is it still being written, is it finished?


Answer: The text of “A Step Into The Light” was finished to the best of my ability and self-published several years ago and then it was withdrawn. I felt that it was withdrawn as a test to my sincerity to be a part of this awakening. Many other books followed under the instructions and Dictations of the Messengers of the Light, but not published. I had to learn great lessons in having patience with others and myself. There is a time-span that is being Divinely adhered to in reference to humanities awakening and the release of these books for the greater good of humanity and not for monetary gain.


After a period of time, I was guided as to how the book would become an instructional book based on the Ancient Wisdom. Apparently, this is a time prior to certain cataclysms that ended these great civilizations before our present recorded history. If we can understand what is occurring and why it is occurring we will eliminate “fear.” The year 2004 is very important and certain writings, books, and many additional items will become available within a short period of time that will help in the awakening of the seekers of Light in reference to certain timely occurrences with humanity and the planet.


The Messengers of the Light state that there is a “time-line” that fluctuates according to the freewill of humanity, and as dictated, the special gift of “Choice from the Heart Center” given to all that will accept, also creates a fluctuation that affects this “time-line.” All around the planet, many receivers of the Light who also receive are preparing for the timely release of what has been presented to them. We are all patiently waiting for the Divine Plan to manifest in the next step of awakening. I believe that we are very close to this time, otherwise I would not have been allowed to participate with these “frequently asked questions” from a source of Light.


9. I noticed that there is a portion of time, approximately two and a half years that no Dictations were released for humanity. Then on May 21, 2003 the Dictations resumed, but not as often as before. Can you explain this?


Answer: According to the Messengers of the Light and other sources, we are endowed with freewill within the Divine Plan of Humanity. In the year 2000 three countries of the Americas exercised freewill to choose their leaders. Peru, Mexico and the United States went through some dramatic changes, along with a course of action that will reflect back to Ancient Civilizations of the past. This will later be explained in certain books and dictations, not only from this source, but also from many other sources around the planet in a spirit of awakening.


During this period of no Dictations humanity was in a state of transition of a certain type of energy that in the year 2003 started to awaken from within. By the summer of 2003, according to the Messengers, the “purification period” became manifest. The years 2000, 2001, and 2002 has changed the way the World functions. “Fear and terrorism” is in the consciousness of humanity. During these three years humanity has had no option but to search within. Anyone in leadership will find it difficult to lead by “their own will” as dictated by the Messengers. The “greater good of those we serve” must be attuned to, otherwise failure will occur.


In the year 2000 I was invited to participate in an adventure to Peru and through the year 2002 participated in other adventures. A text has been written and awaiting release regarding this adventure to Peru that deals with Ancient Civilizations.


10. Can you communicate with the Messengers of the Light and ask questions, get answers to all that you do?


Answer: Wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy? Being that life is a school, and being that we are participants in life, we have to follow preordained rules within the Divine Plan, otherwise we will not learn and evolve. The key to this understanding is that we have to be of “service” for the greater good of humanity. I am presently a scribe who writes down what is given by the Messengers of the Light. On the home page, if you click the “About The Author” button, it will explain how I accepted this role.


I usually receive the Dictations early at dawn in the same manner that two people speak to one another. Only thing is, they speak, and I write then it is over with the finished Dictation. I then read and learn just like everyone else. A beautiful, loving frequency of energy surrounds me as I receive the messages.


During the period of no Dictations for Humanity I received personal dictations and guidance, along with texts for books and other information. But the most interesting adventure provided by the Messengers was the trip to Peru. They provided the connection and information of  “A Step Into The Light” within this and other Ancient Civilizations, and the Awakening of the Children of the Light. I personally agree that this is an exciting time to be alive and to be able to be active participants for the greater good of humanity and the planet.


According to the Messengers of the Light, this is not a “doom & gloom” experience. It is a time of transition, a transcending from a shadow existence to a world of Light free of Anger, Hate, Guilt and Fear. It is an awakening of the Children of the Light by the Ascended Masters. It is a time of freedom. It is the awakening of the “cohesive life force.” This is the frequency of Divine Love that will open the Heart Center of the Divine Christed Principle of Light that will radiate Truth.  Love, Peace & Harmony will prevail.


Thank you for your questions.


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