ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Born as a sensitive, in 1987 Peter L. Martinez had a spiritual experience that profoundly changed his life and his old way of thinking. He was taken out of his body in a state of meditation and presented to an Angelic Being who demonstrated and presented the secrets of the Universe, then as he was being returned, everything that was presented started to fade away with only the haunting memory of the actual experience. After 3 days of pondering the purpose of all that had transpired he decided not to tell anyone, otherwise, they might think he had lost his mind and went into denial of what occurred.

Shortly after this experience  his life started going down hill in his personal and professional life to the point of becoming penniless and in despair, in that life did not seem worth living or fighting for.

In 1995 he incurred an injury that effected his entire nervous system as it seemed to have restructured and created "heightened sensitivities" throughout his state of being. His sleep patterns were completely altered and doctors, therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists were confused, as any administered medication worked in complete opposite of its intended purpose. Sleeping pills kept him awake, but in the periods of short sleep sessions, visions, diagrams, ancient symbols, and Wisdom of the Ages seemed to be presented and Dictated. This, he instinctively knew was a preparation for a book entitled, "A Step Into The Light." This was being given by the Messengers Of The Light. The Guardians of the Planet Earth. The purpose of the book is to awaken the Children of the Light to their role of service in bringing in the frequency of Love, Peace & Harmony so that the planet will be spared from the workings of those of the Dark Forces of the Law of Self, who, along with the masses, have incurred great injury to the planet.

The planet Earth is going through the end of the Grand Cycle, but those of the Dark Forces are experimenting with the weather patterns; along with destructive actions with nuclear weapons and other types of testing and experimentation in all facets of life that would horrify the onlooker to these actions; and, unless the masses wake up to the Light, serious consequences along with life as we know it will cease to exist.

On April 15, 1996 at 2:30 a.m. he was awakened to find seven to twelve tunic robed entities surrounding his bed. They stated that if enough Light did not manifest on the planet, and enough people did not awaken, that in 21 months the start of the earth changes on the planet would commence.

On October 17, 1996 he was awakened by what seemed to be a very large fire in the front room reflecting into his bedroom wall. Upon investigating, a small wick of a candle was lit in the front room, and upon trying to duplicate the phenomena, a message started to unveil on what had occurred.

He was told that he had been chosen to bring in the Dictated Messages from the Messengers of the Light in response to requests, prayers and cries of the Masses (World Population). This was a request to be of service, and that he had the option to think about it, or turn this request down if he did not wish to participate. That he would receive the messages at a certain given time in the future to let the world know of certain coming events so that there can be preparation for those that will listen, as the events would start within a year or two.

On January 19, 1998 the first of the World Dictations started to be released which was approximately 21 months from the first visitation. Later, he became aware that this was the exact year that the Mayans foretold in their prophecy as the start of the earth changes.

These Dictations & Messages cover the present events and frequency changes with an outline of what is occurring to the planet and the human body. These current requests by the seekers of the Divine Light, regardless if you are an Atheist, Scientist, or of the Spiritual, the end of the Grand Cycle is on its way with or without you. This is not to impose "fear" as we apparently all chose to incarnate during these exciting times of adventure. Once we understand the "Divine Plan," Light, Truth and Understanding will open in our hearts and "fear" will fade away.

"A Step Into The Light" is a text written in the frequencies of the Atheist, Spiritual and the Scientist. Separated from each other, all three are in an unbalanced state. As a trinity of One, they all shine the Light of the Divine with Love, Peace & Harmony. Because most of humanity is stuck in the frequency of the Spiritual, the book does lean to this side, although, those of the Atheist and the Scientific are included, all as a Trinity of One within the Light.

The purpose of A Step Into The Light is to eliminate the Frequency of Fear which is paralyzing those on the planet. The elements of Anger, Hate, Guilt & Fear of the Four Lower Quadrant must be understood and overcome in order to withstand the raising frequency of the planet, which started manifesting in 1987. In 1997 its frequency escalated, and in 1998 it became manifest with the World Weather Patterns; partly by Natural Event and partly by those of the Dark Forces of the Law of Self that will cause self-destruction, as with those of ages past before time was, as we know it. The Pyramid of Gizeh is a monument, along with the Sphinx, of these and other advanced ancient civilizations around the world who also caused damage at their end of their Grand Cycle. According to the inspirations received the Sphinx & the Pyramid of Gizeh were built before the Egyptian Dynasties of our present recorded history.

It is requested that those who hear and accept the messages, to contact three other individuals and awaken them to the Dictations and "Light & Understanding" will be multiplied by the frequency of the Divine Christed Principle. Christ meaning Light or Christos of the Frequency of Love, Peace & Harmony of all the Christed Masters of the Light.

The Master Jesus stated, "IF THREE OR MORE GATHER IN MY NAME IT WILL BE MULTIPLIED!"  Love, Peace and Harmony must prevail.

The Messengers Of The Light Are Here!



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