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"Important information to understand the phenomenon, eliminating the fear of the unexplained."


Dictations and messages to awaken the Children of the Light to the present earth changes and how to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet. Are the end times here? The Incas, the Anasazi, Mayan Prophesy, the Bible, including Sacred Texts of  Ancient Civilizations have given prophesy to the earth changes that are currently upon us.

Are the end times really here? Who are the Children of the Light?  What about Ancient America and it's new destiny into the "Golden Age?" Who are the Angels in Form? Are the Ascended Masters the Ancient Ones? These are all serious questions being asked.

Approximately 60 million enlightened souls known as the "Children of the Light" have embodied on the planet through the normal birth process. They are also currently known as the Indigo Children, the Blue Children, the Green Ray Children, the Violet Children, and countless other names given to these special persons. Only 5 to 10 million may awaken to their true purpose, which is to be of service to humanity, while the remaining group becoming stuck in this three-dimensional environment during the end times of the "Grand Cycle" which is causing the current Earth Changes. These individuals known as the  "Children of the Light" must awaken!

Angels, Ascended Masters, the Ancient Ones, as guardians of the planet are here to guide and eliminate the impending fear. This website contains a series of "Messages & Dictations" for those seekers of the Light and for all the Light Workers in preparation for these Earth Changes in answer to the question, "Are these the end times?"

There is a connection with the giant pyramid of Gizah, the Mayan Pyramids, and other ancient sites located in the Americas in relationship to the status of "Mankind's Evolution," and those stuck in the "Four Lower Quadrant" of Anger, Hate, Guilt & Fear. These correspond to the elements of this three dimensional world. What can this connection be?

These messages and the book "A Step Into The Light" are not a part of the "Doom & Gloom" scenario that is overtaking the Masses (World Population) who are in fear of these rumors of the "end times." The book, as an enlightening foundation and a precious tool, along with the current messages and other books posted on this website will help to eliminate "The Fear" that is presently paralyzing mankind. It is an explanation as to what is occurring and how to adapt to the raising frequency of the planet that started accelerating in 1987.  In 1998 it became manifest  (as also prophesized by the Mayans) with an increase in Earth Changes and Earthquakes, which is now occurring, along with the World's Weather Patterns. Humanity is also reacting with violence around the planet brought on by tension resulting from this increase in frequency. We are here for the Adventure!

The author, as the chosen messenger, with personal spiritual contact and inspirations, has released these messages for those who have found this Web Site by accident, recommendation, Divine Intervention, word of mouth, or search engines. All visitors are welcome, as there isn't anything to belong to, no political, religious, or sectarian affiliations.

If one reads the FAQ's of The Messengers Of The Light on the left panel, you will find that there is a timeline for certain events and materials to be released coinciding with current Earth Changes and what many fear are the "end times."  Are you one of these "enlightened ones" the Messengers speak about?

The Messengers of the Light are here to awaken the "Children of the Light" to their pre-ordained purpose in life, and to help eliminate the "fear & darkness" that is consuming humanity.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Dear Visitors,

I have not received any Dictations from the Messengers of the Light since June 27, 2008 for the general public. This also occurred from July 8, 2000, and resumed on May 21, 2003. From my understanding, humanity is going through a time of "tests & trials." Not as a punishment, but rather as a learning experience. The planet, on the other hand, is going through a cleansing period. Meantime, the teachers remain silent while we go through our tests. Appropriately, the last Dictation given was on "Forgiveness."

 Since February 2009 many individuals have become sick or crossed over. I have posted a Dictation given on May 18, 2005 "Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal the Physical, which may shed some light and create healing. Also, please read my current Earthquake Predictions and Earth Changes Forecast postings with personal comments below. Please scroll down. PLM

Posting July 19, 2009

"Change The Mental & Emotional, Heal The Physical"

 Dictations By The Messengers

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Dictation June 27, 2008


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No Dictations were released from July 9, 2000 through May 20, 2003.




Messages For The Children of the Light

Earthquake Predictions & Earth Changes Forecasts For 2014


Postings By The Author

Peter L. Martinez

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Posting Monday April 7, 2014  Re:  Recent Earthquake Activity & Volcano Eruption


April 6, 2014. Today is a beautiful Sunday in Los Angeles California estimated to rise up to 80° after some slightly cold weather. It is quiet and peaceful, and through the inspirations received, a good time to comment about the recent earthquakes. This article is not to impose fear; but rather, to help those in these vulnerable areas that have fear, and not understanding that we all can diffuse earthquakes to some degree. It is not a complete science, but it is a step in the right direction. By learning what other sensitives are experiencing, we can all learn, and also adapt, and help, which will be of service to humanity. This is also a learning process with the “new expansion” of light that the planet is going through. A new group of Children of the Light are awakening!


Monday March 17th And Friday March 28th Earthquakes

In the last two postings (January 1st, and March 5th) I asked my readers and sensitives to be alert for pending earthquakes, as it has been unusually quiet on the West Coast. On March 17th, at 6:25 a.m. a 4.4 quake hit the Los Angeles area. (Westwood, Santa Monica) This was a wakeup call for all sensitives. Then on Friday March 28, 2014 at 9:09 p.m. a 5.1 struck the Los Angeles area centered in La Habra, California.


Prior To The 5.1 Earthquake On Friday March 28th  

Psychics and sensitives were more alert for the 5.1 quake. A distant cousin who has psychic ability warned me on Monday March 24th that there was a new pending earthquake. On Thursday March 27th this same person had a dream vision of an earthquake, and that it was imminent. The quake occurred the next evening. Later, this individual also stated that it was actually supposed to be a larger quake, but the frequency was reduced by radiating light and prayers.       Read More........)



Posting Wednesday March 5th, 2014       Re:  Embrace the Month of March


I would like to welcome each and every one, and I would also like to welcome the month of March, the third month of great significance in 2014. The past months of January and February have been very difficult months for most of mankind.


Saturday, March 01, 2014 brought in the new moon,  and as the saying goes, “it is time to march onward” in all our endeavors, goals, projects, and a better life. We have now started the upcycle towards the next full moon on March 16th. It is time to embrace this new frequency and move forward with our goals in life and not be distracted by what is occurring in other parts of the world. Those who are looking for work, now is the time to recharge, adapt, and self-motivate. The job will not come to you! The Law of Attraction, which everybody must learn to utilize this year, states that you must use “power in action” and start the attraction process, mentally, emotionally & physically. This action starts with you by movement, by using every means possible, with no excuses, even asking everyone you meet on the street if they know who is hiring. Embrace this important month. Time to start your “Power in Action” in all aspects of your life.


The Law of Cycles

It is going to be very important to understand the Law of Cycles this year; especially, if you are going through many changes in your life. The Law of Cycles gives you an understanding of how certain things work within the alignment of your life plan, and it will also eliminate the fear and anxiety that comes with change. As one cycle ends, it is not the end of the world. A new cycle will start to present itself, but in the condition we may find ourselves in, we may not see a great incoming cycle. (See Chapter Six)


Children of the Light

Children of the Light of all ages are multi-dimensional in frequency, not in personas or personalities, as defined by psychiatrists. Read More........)


Posting January 1, 2014    Re:  Welcome the New Year!

I would like to invite everyone to welcome the New Year with “good will and peace” for all mankind. As we now enter the New Year, we have the choice to make it a positive year or a negative year. Of course, we have this choice every year, but the energy, frequency, and vibration of 2014 makes it especially important for this particular year. As I have stated before, the planet is going through an expansion of light. Not only this, but many individuals experienced and felt this expansion of light, with all that may have occurred within their personal lives in 2013. Some, more than others!

By now, everyone should understand The Law of Attraction, but for those who do not, they may experience and learn by trial and error throughout this year. Whatever we radiate out may now return to us by The Law of Attraction. It is very simple. If you radiate good energy with love, peace and harmony, more of the same blessings will be attracted to you. On the other hand, if you radiate out negative energy, within days or weeks, more of the same may be attracted.

Step Into The Light explains that for many individuals who experience negative action, most do not understand why it may be occurring. They may believe that it is just a stroke of bad luck. But if we look back to what has occurred within the past three days, but usually not longer than a week, we will understand how we attracted what has come upon us. But, as I mentioned before, the return may not manifest for several weeks. It also explains that life is a school of our own making, and we are here to learn by what we experience. The Law of Attraction is very important to learn during this expansion of light, as the illusion of time is quickening, or moving faster. (There are many books on the market on this subject of the Law of Attraction.)

Words Are Energy & They Are Alive   Read More........)



Posting Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"May the radiant Light of Love, Peace & Harmony enter into the hearts & minds of all mankind"

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Peter L. Martinez



Posting August 21, 2013 Re: Forgiveness & Transition

As of today’s full moon, through the inspirations received, many Children of the Light are going through a personal transition of frequency. However, it must be understood that the entire planet and it’s in habitants are also going through an expansion of light at many levels. Again, it is important not to get distracted, as to all that is occurring in different parts of the world. In order not to get pulled in to the negative factors, one must also view and embrace all the positive things that are now coming into fruition. If you are experiencing lack in your life, be vigilant and know that something greater is coming into your life. It is time to use the “Law of Attraction” by your positive actions.


For many individuals who do not like change or the change in frequency that the planet is entering, life can be difficult if we allow it. Because of this change, we may want to blame others, and everything that is now occurring. This can be a self-made barrier or limitation that will not allow us to progress. The first step we may believe or have been taught is to forgive everyone, or anything that has occurred recently, or in our past. The one thing about forgiveness is that eventually everyone can forgive everything or everyone that has done us injustice.

The amazing thing in bringing in “A Step Into The Light,” it states that before we forgive everyone or anything…….that it is essential that we forgive ourselves first. I had never heard of that! Those who have the ability to speak to the departed also state that those on the other side have a difficult time forgiving themselves for their transactions in life; however, they have already forgiven everyone else. They just can’t forgive themselves. This was, and is amazing to me, as no one ever instructed me to forgive myself. They always told me to ask God for forgiveness.

The book also explains that life is a school of our own making, and we must not punish ourselves with “barriers & limitation.” It also states that God is in a constant state of Love and does not punish. We punish ourselves by our actions and the Law of Attraction. If we radiate darkness we attract darkness, if we radiate Love & Light we attract more Love & Light. If we see life as an adventure, things will be more fun and enjoyable. That if we fail a lesson, we must pick up and try the lesson again. It is time to enjoy life and the new adventure that is now being presented to us. (See Chapter eight “Transmutation.”)    Read More........)


Posting Thursday July 4, 2013 Re: A New America

I would like to wish everyone a very joyful & fun 4th of July.

This day is very special, as we have now entered into a "New Age" of enlightenment. Today is the rebirth of  "A New America" that will once again be the Light of the World. Yes, we are going through birth pains, and the planet and its inhabitants are going through a cleansing process. The "Law of Polarities" is presently manifesting worldwide in order that we can learn and rise into the Heart Center. Those who understand the Christ Principle will know and understand that the "Second Coming" is at many levels and frequencies. (This is often referred to as the "pair of opposites" within the solar plexus of humanity, ready to enter into the heart center of humanity. See Chapter 7 in the book.)

On July 4th, 1776 it was proclaimed that "God has given America to be free." The signing of the Declaration of Independent was not only by our forefathers, but it's signing will forever ring in the hearts of all Americans with the voice of God, "freedom for all ages." We, "the people" are all brothers and sisters of the Divine, regardless what part of the planet we may reside in.     Read More........)


"A Step into The Light"

According to the Messengers of the Light, the "second coming" is awakening in the "heart center" to all of humanity that are now in the process of releasing the elements of the "four lower quadrant" of undeveloped mankind. We must daily acknowledge, release, and transmute Anger, Hate, Guilt, and most importantly, Fear, in order to have Love, Peace & Harmony in our hearts. It is time to adapt to the rising frequency of the planet, release and transcend the quadrant, and enjoy life. (I highly encourage everyone to read the ebook  "A Step Into The Light." If you are a skeptic, or even if you just want a free eBook download, follow the below link and you will get one free. This ebook by the Messengers has a certain energy that each time you read it, you awaken to additional higher truths. There are no strings attached, as everything on this website is free.  PLM) 


"Author's Special Offer"

For Free ebook downloads visit:

"Free immediate eBook Downloads of other books"

Please read the "free" immediate downloads of the book "Relationships" and "Dependency On Drugs & Alcohol." There is so much information on these two subjects that will change your life. (If you have never downloaded an eBook, it is very simple. You will be given simple instructions when you visit Blue Gem Download the free eBooks and you can start reading immediately. Even a child can download with the instructions given. Please do not hesitate to access this "free" information.

"Relationships" is an uplifting book with information by the Messengers of the Light that you will not find anywhere. It speaks about unbalanced relationships, soul mates, business relationships, and family relationships, with many examples and interesting topics that will bring awareness.

The eBook chapter of the title "Dependency On Drugs & Alcohol" (and those that we believe we love, and all other vices) will give you knowledge that will surprise and may save someone's life. Scroll down on the left panel on this webpage. Do it now, and start reading immediately. Just click on the book cover to visit Blue Gem Books, it is free.  PLM.


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